A Little Bit of Background...

I've been a technological enthusiast since I was a child.  Speak & Spell spoke to me in ways that Sesame Street never could.  My first computer was an Acer Acros 486DX2/66.  8mb of RAM would set you back $120 and let you chew through DOS 3.1 like nobody's business.

I've been involved with computers and technology in all forms for over 16-years.  

While going to college in Tucson, I worked full time for Magnolia Home Theater Best Buy selling, configuring and installing Home Theater's for nearly 2-years.

I moved back to Phoenix in 2007 to work for APS in their IT department.  Over the last 3-years, I've worked on end-user field service desktop support, substation construction for fiber optic installation and configuration and currently support the Microsoft Exchange team as an administrator.  I configure, troubleshoot and benchmark all mobile technologies including, but not limited to netbooks, notebooks, Google Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 7 devices.

I frequent and contribute to discussions regularly on major tech sites from Engadget to Forbes IT News.  I stay up-to-date on the latest tech industry news via Twitter (follow me @RelevantTech).